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Not quite ready to buy? We've created some worksheets, and links to resources that can help you prepare.


First time home buyers                         

     1Roof  homebuyer classes
     Minnesota Homebuyer Education Programs 

Veterans or active military           
 Qualifying for a VA loan 


    Learn  why bankruptcy might affect your mortgage loan.

Learn about programs that might be helpful.

Credit Score Information                      

    Get a Free Credit Score Check        

Debt Counseling: 

   Lutheran Social Service 

   Community Action 

* These worksheets are NOT required for application.  They are just tools to help you get a clearer financial picture.



Your annual Income before taxes:                              $_______________

Co-applicant’s annual Income before taxes:            $_______________

All other household annual income                            $_______________


TOTAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME                           $_______________*

(Total income defined as the total gross income received by
ALL members of a household within a 12-month period.)


What is your total household size?                                 ______________

Household Area Median Income (AMI):  (View AMI Chart below) 

            ☐ ≤ 60% AMI.   ☐ 60-80% AMI.   ☐ 80-100% AMI.   ☐ 100-115% AMI















Mortgage pre-qualification letter. In addition to meeting our income guidelines, we will ask that you provide GNDH with a mortgage pre-qualification letter.  A pre-qualification or pre-approval letter is a document from a lender stating that the lender is tentatively willing to lend to you, up to a certain loan amount. This document is based on certain assumptions and it is not a guaranteed loan offer.  


A few of the mortgage lenders we highly recommend are listed above.

INCOME Worksheet.jpg
AMI Chart



To help determine what your household can afford for monthly mortgage payment: 


TOTAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME     $ ______________ 

Divided by 12 (months)     =                  $ ______________
x .30 (30%) =                                          $_______________*


*Our policy is that a GNDH homebuyer's housing expenses (including your mortgage payment and associated taxes and insurance) must be no more than 30% of your total Household Income at time of purchase.



What is your current mortgage or rent payment?         $_______________


How much do you currently pay for utilities per month? 

Electric                                      $_______________        

Gas                                             $_______________

Water                                         $_______________

Other                                         $_______________

TOTAL                                       $_______________


TOTAL current Mortgage/Rent + total utilities            $_______________

What are your debts?* 

Credit Card(s) balance           $_______________

Educational Loan(s)                $_______________

Vehicle Loan(s)                        $_______________

Boat or ATV Loan(s)               $_______________

Child care                                  $_______________

Other Loan(s) or Debt(s)       $_______________

TOTAL                                                                                 $_______________


*Eliminating debt will improve your chances of qualifying for a mortgage and get you to the 30% GNDH affordability requirement.        

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