• We invest in housing, but more importantly, we invest in people.

  • We work with stakeholders and local organizations to find suitable building sites, which we then purchase or obtain through grants or community development programs.

  • As the developer, we hire contractors to build the homes.

  • During construction we provide oversight and quality control, ensuring that the homes are built to the intended standards. 

  • We also use a third party to test and commission each home, and to certify it as a Green New Deal Home. 

  • We sell our homes on a sliding scale. As a nonprofit community development organization, we use subsidies to reduce the sale price of a Green New Deal Home to income qualified buyers.

  • We also build and sell homes to buyers whose income does not qualify them for a subsidy. Profits from homes sold at market rate are used to help finance homes to be sold below cost. 

  • We raise funds from charitable foundations and other donors to support our work, including contributing to a subsidy fund to assist income-qualified buyers.

  • We also develop and deliver workforce training. Using our projects as “living labs,” we provide free training in green construction practices, creating educational and economic opportunities for existing workers and those who would like to enter the trades. 

Our first projects are single family homes. We intend to expand the designs and construction of Green New Deal Homes to include accessory dwellings (ADUs), multi-family residences and higher-density clustered housing developments, as all of these housing types are needed if we are to truly transform our community approach to housing.