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Building a better future for everyone.  


Raising the Roof

Donations made to the Raise the Roof Fund go directly to building materials for our next home build. 

Examples of what your donation could buy:

  • $25,000— Solar Panels

  • $10,000 —Insulation to wrap the entire house in a warm  winter blanket

  • $5,000 —Energy Star Appliances

  • $1,000—Triple-pane insulated window


Bridging the Gap

One of the biggest barriers to home ownership is saving the money needed for a down payment and other costs associated with the purchase of a home. 


Donations made to the Bridging the Gap Fund go directly to help future homeowners with down payment assistance. 


Laying the Foundation

Dedicated people are the foundation for any organization.
To achieve our mission, we need a strong and stable foundation to support and develop our staff and our programs.


Donations made to the Laying the Foundation Fund are used to help build and sustain organizational capacity. 

Yes! I'd like to donate to the GNDH Equity Fund


Thank you for helping build a
better future for us all!

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