We don’t just build homes.
We’re training the next generation of home builders. 

GNDH goals of the workforce training program(s) are: 

  • To contribute to the development of a green collar workforce that furthers the community-wide transformation to an equitable, resilient, sustainable society;

  • To increase the skills of our present workforce by transferring knowledge of established, reliable energy efficient and high performance building systems;

  • To offer accurate and relevant education about housing, health and environmental impact; 

  • To provide pathways to education and employment for people experiencing barriers to either; and

  • To stimulate and expand interest and participation in the fields of green building, renewable energy systems, and sustainable and resilient community development.




Rachel Wagner

Rachel Wagner is a designer, educator and social entrepreneur in Duluth, MN. Her work focuses on environmental and economic justice. Her private ventures, through design LLC and Green New Deal Homes SBC, provide ecologically and socially responsible solutions for programs and projects that aim to reduce inequities and promote sustainability. She is a co-founder of Green New Deal Housing, a nonprofit venture to develop equitable zero energy housing and a green collar workforce. Rachel has a B.S. in Design and Environmental Analysis and is a licensed architect in Wisconsin.

Steve Johnson bio pic.jpg

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson is a Minnesota residential contractor with 40-plus years in the construction industry. With a strong environmental conscience, he has always been interested in studying and building energy-efficient homes for the climate demands of northern Minnesota; and has pursued high standards for water management, air tightness and durability throughout his career. Steve has built several zero-net energy and many low energy homes, and is excited to share his experiences and knowledge in hopes of creating sustainable and affordable housing for the future.


Josh VandeBerg

Josh VandeBerg is a Building Science and Energy Management instructor at Western Technical College. He brings 30 years of construction experience, with the last decade dedicated to the academic educational side of the industry.  His passion is to train the next generation of construction professionals, so they are well positioned to create durable, affordable buildings that utilize little or no energy from fossil fuel sources.  He teaches coursework in renewable energy, building performance, energy auditing, and building science.


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