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We're hiring!

Who are we looking for?

A creative, motivated leader with strong organization and communication skills, a collaborative

spirit, and decision-making prowess. Someone who likes to focus on connections and

intersections, who can see both the “big picture” and the “little details,” and can define and

develop the paths to achieve both with passion and discipline.

You thrive on being at the “hub,” the center of communication and activity. You know

community development. Your leadership is grounded in equity. You have experience working

with diverse communities. When you wake up, you hit the ground running. You’re passionate

about motivating and encouraging others to achieve their best. You’re good with numbers —

like nerdy good — and you’re great with people.

You are comfortable and competent both working independently and as part of a team. You

know how to engage donors and work with a Board, support staff and everyone in between.

You sit in the back because you’re a learner taking everything in, but you’re quick to come to

the front to share your insights, wisdom and ideas with others. You’re nimble and creative. You

see patterns and can put together puzzle pieces to make a strategy work.

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