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Welcome 2023!

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

2022 was a pivotal year for our organization, and we have begun 2023 with even more focus and energy. Our vision and goals are larger and we hope to meet the needs and opportunities in front of us. Housing and resilient community development needs in our region are great, but our early work has shown that our programs and approach are valued and valuable.

The Evergreen pilot zero energy home will be completed this spring, and will be sold to an income-qualified household via our new Home Buyer process, developed through our Engagement Program. We've conducted more than a dozen tours and training events at the house, and well over two hundred people have visited the pilot job site to experience the vision and solutions offered by GNDH.

And even though construction costs continue to rise in the region, we are more committed than ever to building all-electric, zero energy homes, because we know that this is the only kind of new home appropriate for the climate and economic conditions in our society. Our workforce training program in green construction is helping tradespeople develop the skills required to change how we build for the better. The program also opens doors to stable, good-paying employment for people with barriers to such economic security.

We have two exciting multi-home projects in the works: The Irving Zero Energy Neighbors project includes plans for building two homes West Duluth and three more homes with the Vacant to Value Zero Energy Neighbors project in Superior.

We are planning to grow the organization in 2023 and our capacity significantly, so that we may move from proof-of-concept into larger scale implementation of our pilot programs. Our Board recently approved a 2023 Budget that allows for a number of full-time staff positions, and expands all program areas. We've also embarked on an ambitious fundraising campaign to meet our revenue goals.

Want to join The Green New Green Deal Housing team? Here's how you can help:

#1: DONATE to our Equity Fund today! No amount is too small.

#2 COME TO AN OPEN HOUSE. If you've not visited the job site yet, we hope you'll join us for an open house! Visit our Events page for upcoming tour dates.

#3 VOLUNTEER your expertise, and time. Contact us at: info@greennewdealhousing.

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