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Updated: Aug 1, 2021

The Green New Deal Housing (GNDH) Show and Tell Traveling Exhibit is making its way across town!

In mid-April, the exhibit opened at the Duluth Folk School/Dovetail Cafe with a warm public welcome. Despite pandemic restrictions, the GNDH Board celebrated the exhibit unveiling with a socially distanced opening “gala.” Community stakeholders peered through the “windows” of a scale model of the Evergreen House. The exhibit’s information panels and full scale section of a super-insulated wall generated questions and interest in our construction methods, workforce development program, and zero net energy approach.

After a month at the Folk School, the exhibit moved to the Carpenters Training Institute in Hermantown, to an audience of Union apprentices and their instructors. GNDH co-founder Rachel Wagner and NERSDP project member Leah Karmaker paid a visit to a framing class to introduce green building concepts. The lesson was met with enthusiasm from both students and instructors, and stirred exciting dialogue about the growing business opportunities for green builders.

The exhibit spent June in Zeitgeist’s atrium space, where it interacted with passersby and accompanied drinks for inside visitors on Friday nights. At the end of June, the exhibit moved to the Lincoln Park showroom of Lake Wood Designs. The exhibit will live there until Labor Day - we hope you’ll find some time to visit!

In September, the exhibit will live on campus at the Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College (FDLTCC). The move to FDLTCC is especially exciting because the college will host a multi-session Green New Deal Housing workforce training event there in October. More details about this will come soon!

Green New Deal Housing Exhibit Schedule:

April 12 - May 13 Duluth Folk School

May 13 - June 1 Carpenters Training Institute: Jerry Alander Training Center

June 1 - June 29 Zeitgeist Atrium

June 29 - Sept 6 Lake Wood Designs Showroom

Sept 7 - Oct 30 Fond du Lac Tribal Community College (FDLTCC)

The Show and Tell exhibit was made possible through grants from the Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation and the University of Minnesota Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships, and with the generous support of our exhibit hosts.

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